How To Check Jazz Activated Packages [Latest 2024] – Complete Usage Details

Jazz has provided multiple bundles to its prepaid and postpaid customers to facilitate them according to their needs. Jazz provides only data, only calls, or only WhatsApp packages with different validity periods like daily, weekly and monthly. Some customers are subscribed to multiple bundles, so they constantly want to know the status of their bundles. In this article, we have provided information about how to check Jazz Packages that are activated on your SIM.

Jazz provides the various prepaid and postpaid packages with their check codes in 2023. By exploring the article, you will learn about the different methods Jazz provides for checking the status. You can check the activated package through the helpline or call, SMS and the Jazz World app. Jazz provides the information of the remaining MBs, minutes, SMS and expiry date of the activated package. If you are a UAE resident, then you should also check Etisalat balance information.

How To Check Jazz Packages Status? Three Different Methods

There are three methods to check Jazz activate packages, whether it is monthly, daily or another. The following Methods are used: 

  1. Via Helpline Call
  2. Via SMS or WhatsApp Self-Service
  3. Via Jazz World App

These methods are explained for both prepaid and postpaid customers, so you can get complete information on package status in this article. You can also share the Jazz balance using the Jazz share code.

1. By Helpline Or Call

It is the easiest way as you just have to call the Jazz helpline by dialing 111. Follow the steps below:

  • Select your desired language by following the instruction on the automated call
  • Then press 0 to connect with a customer service representative
  • Ask to send the details of Jazz packages on your SIM
  •  He will send the complete details in the message
  • This method is the same for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

2. Through SMS or WhatsApp Self-Service

This method is different for the prepaid and postpaid customers. Details are listed below:

Prepaid Customers

To check the activated package details, send an empty message to 3838. A reply message will be received with information on the activated package status. 

Jazz has recently introduced the Whatsapp self service to speed up the process. Due to network problems in some areas, Jazz reply on sim may take longer. Send the “Hi” message to the number 03003008000. After this send “5” to receive the usage data and call history on your Jazz number. 

Postpaid Customers

Postpaid customers can dial *1111# to get the call and Jazz activate package details using SMS. 

For Whatsapp service, just send the “Hi” message to the number 03003008000. After this, send “2” to receive the usage data and call history on your Jazz number. 

3. Using the Jazz World App

Jazz World app also provides other features like balance check, activating the bundle and many more for the customers. You can also check expiry dates, remaining usage details and offers. Step are:

  • Download and install the “Jazz World App” from the Play Store
  • Create an account with your active SIM number
  • On the Home page, your remaining details will be given.
  • You can click on it and see the complete activated packages.
  • To check the list of available Jazz packages, click on the packages.

Jazz Package Check Code – Remaining Minutes and Data

You can check the package code by dialing the code *444#. You will also get more information about Jazz Monthly social package and it check code i.e  *617*3#.


In self-service, you can check the status by using Whatsapp. For prepaid customers, send “5” to the number 03003008000, and send “2” in case of postpaid customers. You will receive complete details on Whatsapp within seconds.

Customers can check the status of each monthly bundle by dialing its respective code. A general sequence for the Jazz monthly package check code is *sub code*2#. However, explore complete details in this article for a specific bundle.

For postpaid Jazz sim, dial *1111# to get the complete remaining package details and its validity. 

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