Prepaid Jazz Balance Share Code 2024 – Balance Sharing

Jazz provides many benefits and services that facilitate its customers’ needs. If you have zero balance and cannot recharge, you can use the Jazz balance share code to get the balance from your friend. You can also use the Jazz World app to share the balance with your loved ones. 

Jazz offers different internet and call bundles for its valuable customers. It also offers location-based premium offers with less budget and more benefits to strengthen its position in Pakistan. You can also share the Jazz balance with Ufone, Zong or Telenor. You can explore, how you can check the Jazz number. In this article, complete balance sharing through Jazz is covered.

How to Share Jazz Balance – Two Methods

Jazz has provided the two methods of sharing the balance. The first method is by using the share code. Customers can also share the balance using the Jazz World app. Using the share code is helpful for those people also who don’t have an Android phone. Complete Details of Jazz balance share code are given in the subsequent sections. 

1. Jazz to Jazz Balance Share Code

If you do not have an Android phone, then you can share the balance by simply using the Jazz code. To share the balance with your friends and family members, dial *100*9230xxxxxxxx*amount#. You have to dial 1 in reply to confirm the sharing command. This option is only available for prepaid Jazz customers. 

Transaction charges for this offer are Rs 7.50 (incl. tax) per transaction. 

2. Share Balance with Jazz World App

If you have an Android phone, you can download and install the Jazz World app from the Playstore. Sharing balance steps are: 

  • In the app, go to “My Jazz > Balance Share”.
  • Fill in the required information for sharing.
  • Type the number of amounts you want to share. The maximum limit is 750 rupees.
  • Then type the receiver number.
  • Click on the confirm button to send the balance to your friend.
  • A pin will be received on your Jazz network, Type the pin and share the balance.
  • This method is also for prepaid customers only.

How to Request for the Jazz Share

If you do not have a balance then you can also request your friend or family member to send you the balance. To receive the balance free from another Jazz number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *107# from the dial pad on your phone. 
  2. A menu will appear in which you have to type a number. 
  3. This will prompt your friend to send you the balance.

You will not have to pay any amount or tax to avail this service. 

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Minimum Jazz Balance Share

Jazz customers can send the minimum amount of Rs 15 using the share services.

Maximum Balance Share On Jazz

The maximum amount of 750 rupees/day can be shared from Jazz to Jazz numbers.

Terms and Conditions

  • The sender and receiver of the balance share, both should be the prepaid customers of Jazz.
  • Party B (sender) can receive Jazz share requests 5 times a day.
  • All the Jazz prepaid customers can use this service.
  • Confirm the number and balance before sharing, because transactions can not be reversed. Also
  • Remember, charges of Rs 7.50 will be deducted upon sharing.
  • Report any unethical message by sending the message to 9000-PTA.

Jazz to Zong Balance Share Code

You can share the balance from the Zong to Zong but not to another sim. To send the balance from Zong, Dial *828# from our Zong SIM. Enter the receipt phone number and confirm the payment. 

Jazz to Telenor Balance Share Code 

To send the balance from Telenor to Telenor sim, dial *1*1*03xxxxxxxxx*amount*. A prompt will appear to confirm the balance. However, customers can not share balance from Jazz to Telenor.

Jazz to Ufone Balance Share Code

Jazz has not provided the service of sharing the balance to Ufone numbers. However, ufone customers can share the balance with each other. For this, dial *828*0333xxxxxxx*amount# from your phone. Confirm the payment to share and dial 1 to send the balance. 


Sharing of the Jazz balance can be unsuccessful sometimes. This can be due to poor Jazz network or an invalid Jazz balance share code. 

To receive or send money through Jazz, dial *786# or use a Jazz cash app. 

Jazz or Warid share the same codes for the bundles or balance share. To share balance from Jazz to Warid, dial *100*230xxxxxxxxx*amount# from your mobile. 

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